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Pushpa is a young Nepalese woman that likes to use the word “music” as a verb. I music, you music, she musics… Pushpa has embarked on the most epic journey to recover and promote ancestral communal music in Nepal. She is traveling to every corner of the Himalayas to uncover and recover old echoes to stimulate young voices, ensuring that the sounds of the past are not lost to history.
Until I met Pushpa in Kathmandu, I had always thought of music as sounds for relaxation or stimulus, but never as a conduit for human expression to the level that she understands it.
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Ella, el Agua - Argentina

G for Georgia -

Echoes from the
Himalayas - Nepal


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Echoes from the Himalayas

Filmed in Nepal

Pushpa, the first ethnomusicologist of Nepal, is exploring every corner of the Himalayas in search of the most ancestral music in her country.

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